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Dolls, Twins, Borrowed Babies…Oh My!

Do I truly think that Sarah Palin presented any of the above as Trig? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question myself. At times I think Sarah wouldn’t have attempted anything as risky as presenting a doll, twins or a borrowed baby as her son but then I think but she risked pretending to be pregnant. Who knows what goes through the mind of that woman?


  • A reborn is no trouble to care for.

  • A reborn can be custom made with any features wanted.

  • A reborn can be made using a picture of a real baby as a guide so a family resemblance is possible.


  • Someone might discover the charade.


Do the pros outweigh the cons? I think in this case, yes. Using a reborn could be an easy option in certain situations where the baby would not be closely scrutinized such as in this video. Notice how she seems to squeeze the baby before she gives the audience a quick peek at Trig? He never makes a peep even though Sarah is bounding around. I don’t think a reborn was used all the time but I do believe it’s possible one was used at times.

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The Question of Twins

I don’t believe twins were presented as one baby known as Trig simply because I don’t think Sarah would pass on the extra attention and sympathy she would receive as the mother of two special needs babies

I think she would milk that opportunity for all it is worth.

Borrowed Baby

I think a borrowed baby is possible but not likely. Someone may have been willing to rent Sarah a baby for the right amount of money but I think it would have cost more than a custom made reborn baby. The borrowed baby would require care and Sarah would have to worry about the baby not being available every time she needed it.

I still haven’t answered my own question but I just can’t totally dismiss the reborn possibility. There’s one picture that bothers me because something just looks odd. I think it was taken in June of 2008. Does anyone else find this picture weird? Sarah_Palin_--_Shopping



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