Reborn Baby Girl Dolls

What are Reborn Baby Dolls

Learn first hand what it takes to create a reborn doll. Follow Nikki Holland on The SMN Show.

A Reborn Doll is a vinyl baby doll kit that has been enhancedusing paints and real hair fibers to resemble a human baby.
The process of creating a reborn doll is referred to as Reborning, and the doll artists are referred to as Reborners.

Different techniques of reborning have evolved over the past few years with heat set paints, air dry paints and oils being the most used mediums amongst reborn artists.
They are painted with exceptional details, weighted to feel like your holding a new baby and even have real Mohair or Human hair.

Completed Reborn Dolls

Completed Reborn Dolls are getting more and more popular among doll collectors, who buy them directly from doll artists (Reborners).
Reborn Baby Dolls are fast becoming the next sort after Baby Dolls for Collectors worldwide.

These baby dolls are so realistic that, at a glance, they truly look like a real baby!

The Beginning:
Reborn baby dolls started to show up around the world in the 1990's, with doll artists wanting a more realistic looking baby doll.

They were mainly found online on the Internet via Auction sites like Ebay ...but this has now expanded with many reborn artist selling their dolls via their own websites.
Porcelain doll makers are also move over to the art of reborning because of the realism they can achieve with the many many different vinyl doll kits available.
They can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the Doll kit (ie limited editions ), the artists skills and demand for the finished baby doll.
You will also be able to find Reborn dolls on many Auction Website like eBay and Oztion.

Basic reborning methods of a Doll Kit.

The technique of reborning a specially made doll kit typically involves the following processes:

  • Reborn doll kits are made from very soft vinyl and consist of a head, arms and legs.
  • Previously, a purple color wash was applied to the inside of each vinyl part to give the appearance of realistic baby skin undertones, but blue or purple has the tendency to bleed or seep through the vinyl causing a 'bruised' appearance.
  • The exterior is painted using various techniques to add to the appearance of translucent skin tones, with effects such as veins, blotching, and "milk-spots" to resemble the skin of a newborn baby.
  • Hair and eyelashes, usually fine mohair or human hair, are applied using a special hand rooting tools and felting needles (Regular barbs or ultra micro barbs - German barbs or forked) strand by strand, which can take up to 30+ hours per head.
  • A nice doe sued or calico cloth body is used, which is stuffed and weighted to feel like you are holding a real newborn baby.
  • A magnet may be attached inside the mouth for attaching a pacifier/dummy or inside the head for a magnetic hair bow.
  • There are many more details you can add to a reborn, which comes down to the artists personal preference.


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Check this out, Maria is obviously a doll

2012-08-13 04:28:37 by but-scroll-down-just-a

Bit to the picture of the baby surrounded by flowers. I believe THAT one is a real baby, flase advertising to make you think the dolls can look that

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