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What is a Reborn Baby?
Soňa Fajmanová Svět panenek - Sonia s Collectible Dolls | Svět panenek

A "Reborn" baby is a doll made of vinyl that step by step is transformed by an artist, giving it specific details and characteristics like: skin color, blush, brightness, veins, real hair, weight and more, so that altogether the doll resembles a real baby as much as possible.

Work begins with the doll's limbs (head, legs and arms), which are painted with special Genesis paints, which in combination with a solvent, form a very dilute paint. To complete a reborn baby, you must implement a series of layers of paint until you achieve the desired color and texture, not to mention every detail (nails, veins, etc.)..

For each layer of paint, it is necessary to dry with heat, with a special oven, to seal the paint. After it is painted, hair is inserted (rooted) one by one, by hand, with a very thin needle, specially created for rooting. Hair is inserted in a way to simulate real hair swirl around the head, and after inserting, it should be cut accordingly. Moreover, eyelashes are rooted if the reborn baby has open eyes, or they can also be glued.

Upon completion of this process, the baby doll must be assembled. Each limb is filled with a special filling to weigh, plus a soft filling to cover it. Thus the arms and legs become heavy and torso as well but yet soft. The baby's head will swing by the weight it carries, so you should sustain similarity to a newborn, so that when carried, you get the feeling of picking up a real baby. To conclude you just need to dress it.

Reborn babies are collective dolls for adults, as they are not toys and are expensive !
Reborns should be treated with the delicacy with which you would treat a real baby.

Making a reborn is not an easy task, not to mention that all these special materials are imported and very expensive!
However, when seeing my work done, the affection and admiration that I feel for my Reborns, makes it worth all the effort and working time.


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Holy crap, these are dolls! Creepy...

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