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There’s evolution going on around you and it has nothing to do with genes or survival of the fittest — no, this movement is about the rise of silicone and the fakery of pseudo-animatrons pretending to be people.

You may have heard about the Real Doll phenomenon where — for around $5, 000.00USD — you can go online and design your full-bodied, all-real-silicone-fake, girlfriend, personal whore, or sex kitten. Every man’s wet dream — a woman who will never say “no” — is now but a moment away from eternal release. First you pick a face:

Then you get to design her body parts:

Then you get to play with all her holes — the lips (both places), the mouth, the vagina and the anus are, as I understand it, are made of a “softer, but less robust” silicone that feels like the real thing.

The breasts are made of super-tough, but soft, silicone because they have to stand up to much more rough and tough play than the open orifices.

Then, when you’re done jacking off on a hundred pound chunk of designer silicone, you can take the next step in pseudo-animatronic evolution and buy a Designer Baby — a “Reborn” for around $2, 000.00USD — that you can watch dead in its crib as you pretend to give it life with your “Ooohhs” and “Aaahhs” that replace actual mothering and fathering.

Every woman’s dry hump — a child who always listens — is now but a moment away from eternal rebirth. Notice the realistic milk spots and the preemie fingernail cuts under the eyes?

The fun doesn’t stop in the adoration stage of what looks like a dead baby in a silicone body — there are no dirty diapers to change, there’s no crying and, best of all, you can walk your baby around town in a pram and have total strangers tell you how real your fake baby looks.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof for your eyes and ears.

How do you feel about the rise of the Nuclear Silicone Family? Is loving silicone in human form creepy or reassuring?

Does silicone test our capacity to love or condemn us all in the attempt? How many Real Dolls and Reborns will you be ordering?


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Holy crap, these are dolls! Creepy...

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