Realistic silicone newborn baby dolls

Tasha's Babies
Carol Kneisley Studios

Tasha's Babies

One-of-a-Kind (OOAK) Polymer Clay Newborn Babies And

Very Limited Edition Silicone Newborn Babies

If you wish to sense the vulnerability, fragility and helplessness of a newborn child and to treasure a unique replica of one of life's miracles then you must witness the work of Tasha.

Tasha's babies are full sized newborns measuring approximately 19 to 20 inches in length and weigh about 7 pounds. The babies have glass eyes. The hair is either hand applied mohair for the sparse newborn look or a clear cap mohair weigh for thicker hair. Each baby comes fully dressed from head to toe and comes complete with a blanket, birth certificate and care instructions.

Dear Friends. We are very happy and proud to bring TASHA'S BABIES to the Doll Connection Store for all of our loyal baby customers. Ann&Randy, The Doll Connection Store.

Today we have Isabela No. 13 available for immediate shipping as she is in stock and ready to come home to some lucky mommie! To see her click on the Isabela button on the left and once there click on the Isabela 13 button. There you will see pictures of the actual No. 13 you will receive. Call Ann today to discuss your adoption of Isabela No. 13! Don't delay, do it today!

Tasha's newest silicone baby is Aaliyah (pronounced a-lee-ya) and she is available as a sleeping baby or an awake baby. Click on her button on the left to see how darling she is. Call Ann if she speaks to your heart, her edition is very limited.


See the new live pictures of Holly. Ann thinks Holly is a very precious OOAK and even more so now that you see her in a brand new dress! This completely changes her. So please take a look at her and let Ann know what you think. Also available for you today is Baby Sarah, an absolutely beautiful new creation by Tasha. Meet her now. She is in stock and available for immediate shipping home to you today!

One more thing I noticed when viewing Sarah and Holly were the hands and fingers, the arms, the toes and feet, and the legs. The sculpting on these items is done with such precision you will be amazed! I am totally serious, Tasha is as serious about sculpting of these items as she is with sculpting of the head and face.

"Hi Ann, I just wanted to let you know Tenleigh arrived safe and sound and I am thrilled with her. She is a keeper for sure. Thank you so much! Hugs, NP"

"Hi Ann, Tenleigh arrived home safe and sound on Monday...I am so happy to have her here. She is beautiful, and Tasha did a wonderful job on her. Her silicone is so soft and squishy. I am really enjoying her...and she is coming on a trip with me to visit my sister in Edmonton, Alberta. I am also meeting up with some friends from can't wait for them to see her also. Thanks so much for the wonderful service. Love and Hugs, LB"

"Hi Ann & Randy, Tenleigh arrived today & I am thrilled with her. So nice to have a Tasha baby again. Am very pleased with your service & look forward to seeing more of your beautiful babies to tempt me. J.T."

"Good Evening! Thank you so much for the sweet silicone doll (Tenleigh by Tasha). She is at home (Sweden) now and feeling good! This one is gorgeous, soft and cuddly! I am very happy for her. Thank you for making everything so well! Have a great day and evening! Kind regards, M.F."


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Holy crap, these are dolls! Creepy...

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