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Meet Baby Piper. She will be cast in baby soft platinum silicone. I wanted to create a new, innovative baby so she has a partial cloth body which gives you all of the flexibility in the mid-section. She also comes with my newly created, 'soft silicone baby band' that can be pulled off or on to give a full body silicone look. Piper will also have a little heartbeat mechanism inserted into her unique custom cloth mid-section. The heartbeat mechanism is removable. I am very excited about Baby Piper and can't wait to show her off in her YouTube video debut. As always, you will be able to choose from Caucasian or Biracial skintone, hair, and eye color. Piper will come home with a special layette and she will have armature in her arms only.

Limited to 15 babies.

Piper will be released in a limited number of only 5 babies at a time. When I've completed those, an e-mail will be sent to the Notifications List announcing the release date of 5 more babies. Presently, there is one Baby Piper available to order.

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Holy crap, these are dolls! Creepy...

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